zo 24 nov. | Bluebirds Yoga Centrum


Connect, explore and express the depths of your heart with your voice. And let your heart be opened and nurtured by healing sounds.
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Tijd & Locatie

24 nov. 2019 14:00 – 17:00
Bluebirds Yoga Centrum, Prinsengracht 493, 1016 HR Amsterdam, Nederland

Meer Informatie

The healing power of sound

Everything is vibration. Each organ and cell has its own vibration. We as an entire being and everything surrounding us vibrates to a specific frequency. It all influences each other and cooperates in the shared space. By working with your own voice and receiving the vibrations of sound healing instruments, you work with two different streams of energy:

  • A stream that moves from your inner world outward by expressing your authentic self with your voice
  • A stream that can be received with all senses and travels naturally to wherever needed to support you in your healing process

In this workshop you will experience both Voice Work and Sound Healing.

Voice Work

By relearning to listen to your voice, breath and body, you can connect to the deeper layers within you. With specific exercises you