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Build the foundation of your being, by finding stability and feeling complete and present in your body.

Tijd & Locatie

Het tijdstip wordt later bepaald
Bluebirds Amsterdam Oost, Louise Wentstraat 186, 1018 MS Amsterdam, Nederland

Meer Informatie

The healing power of sound

Everything is vibration. Each organ and cell has its own vibration. We as an entire being and everything surrounding us vibrates to a specific frequency. It all influences each other and cooperates in the shared space. By working with your own voice and receiving the vibrations of sound healing instruments, you work with two different streams of energy:

  • A stream that moves from your inner world outward by expressing your authentic self with your voice
  • A stream that can be received with all senses and travels naturally to wherever needed to support you in your healing process

In this workshop you will experience both Voice Work and Sound Healing.

Voice Work

By relearning to listen to your voice, breath and body, you can connect to the deeper layers within you. With specific exercises you will get the opportunity to connect to your core being and give sound to it. When you speak or sing from this place, you can shine your light and give expression to your deeper being. 

Sound Healing

Sound healing brings you into a state of deep relaxation. Sounds have the power to affect more than just your hearing senses; with these powerful vibrations your physical, emotional and spiritual body can be nurtured, relieved and transmuted. Surrender to the magical sounds of various instruments such as singing bowls, drums, gongs and Song Medicine. 

What to expect

  • Opening meditation
  • Voice, breath and energy work
  • Sound bath including Song Medicine

Theme: Into Your Flow 

This afternoon you will focus on letting go of restrictions within you to open, trust and activate your own creativity. You will reconnect to this, so you can fully experience, strengthen and follow your unique inner flow.  

The voice work will be an active and inspiring journey of expression. 

The sound bath will help in deepening and further opening up your flow and bringing it alive in yourself.